Monday, November 8, 2010

2011 Reunion Registration Form

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B Troop 2/17 Cavalry Association
2011 Reunion Registration
May 12-15, 2011 Ft. Campbell, Kentucky
Name: ___________________________________
Address: _________________________________
City: ____________________________________
State: ____________________________________
Zip Code: ____________
E-Mail: __________________________________

Registration Fees
Member                                               $50.00           ____________________
Guest (s)                       ______ X     $50.00           ____________________
Membership Dues for 2011              $25.00            ____________________
All Members that are Paid-up prior to the Reunion will receive a Membership Certificate, Membership Card, a B Troop Bumper Sticker and the most current B Troop Roster at the Reunion
Donation to B Troop 2/17 Cav. Assn.                  ____________________
Donation to LaPointe Scholarship Endowment  ____________________
Total Enclosed                                                          ____________________

Hotel Information – we are staying at the Best Western Hotel 4101 Ft. Campbell Blvd. Hopkinsville, Ky
$65.00 per night + tax ($72.41 per night)
Reservations can be made at 270-886-9000 
Group ID Number CG0512 Contact Person: Cassie Dougherty

Make checks payable to B Troop 2/17 Cav Assn and send Registration and payment to:
Randy Kunkleman
2395 N. Conant Road
Elida, Ohio 45807
If you have any questions Contact Jim Matthews 421-466-3557 or David Martin 904-505-4218

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  1. Too Bad those who do not have a facebook account cannot view These reunion Photos!!/photo.php?fbid=1890557306460&set=a.1890557146456.112658.1317321629&theater