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February Gazette 2011

The Banshee Gazette



The Banshee Gazette is the Official Publication of B Troop 2nd 17th Cavalry Association
Presidents Message
by David Martin
We have been busy getting ready for the Squadron Welcome Home and our Reunion in May. I have been in contact with Captain Steven Irving our Troop Commander in Afghanistan and I can assure you that the Troopers in service to our nation now are upholding the Banshee name in high regard.
This years Reunion will be held at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky on May 12- 15th. We are changing the way we have done things in the past to coincide with the Squadron actives. On May 12th we will have a Reception starting at 5 p.m. at the Best Western Hotel 4101 Ft. Campbell Blvd. Hopkinsville, Kentucky (Our Official Reunion Hotel). The Squadron is having a golf tournament on May 13th and we will have our Spur Ride Ceremonies, business meeting and auctions starting at 18:00 hours on that Friday evening also. On May 14th there will a dedication ceremony for the 2-17 Cav Memorial on base followed by a Squadron Bar-b-que during the day and we will have our Hospitality room open after the activities on base.
We have numerous awards to be presented this year for members that have contributed to the Association by filling Officers positions since our founding. These awards will come in the form of a Certificate of Officer Recognition and Spur Ride with these individuals receiving their Combat Spurs for their time contributed for the betterment of the Association.
Start brushing up on your Cavalry Traditions because we will be having Cavalry Traditions Trivia Contest !
We have some great Reunion Gifts planned for this year that will be one of a kind so please send your registrations in early so we can get an accurate account of how many people will be attending.
We are planning on this being our biggest and best Reunion yet…See you in May !

2011 Reunion
The 2011 Reunion will be held at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky on May 12- 15th. We are fortunate to be able to welcome the Squadron back from a year’s deployment in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom X-XI.
Activities - (Subject to Change)

May 12th – Welcome Reception 17:00 hours (Snacks available)
                   Pickup your Reunion Packets 
                   50/50 Raffle for 2-17 Cav Memorial
May 13th – Squadron Golf Tournament (during day)
                   We will have other activities planned if you are not golfing. We know some
                   of you have not been to or seen the attractions at Ft. Campbell so we will
                   attempt to have information and maps available to attractions on and off base.
                   18:00 hours Spur Ride, B Troop Business Meeting, LaPointe Scholarship
                   Endowment, and B Troop 2/17 Cavalry Auctions.
                   50/50 Raffle for 2-17 Cav Memorial
       (Snacks including meat and cheese trays)
May 14th – Fallen Members Tribute and Memorial Dedication
                   Squadron Bar-b-que
                   Hospitality Room open after activities on base (Snacks available).
May 15th – Depart at your leisure
NOTE* The Best Western Hotel has an open bar by our reception room ($1.00 beer) so the Association will only be providing sodas and water for drinks.

95 Years
1 July 1916 Ft. Bliss, Texas – 1 July 2011 Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

Joseph Guy “Doc” LaPointe Scholarship Endowment at Texas Tech University
by David Martin

We would like to thank everyone that has donated to the Joseph Guy “Doc” LaPointe Scholarship Endowment to date we have donated $14,989.50.
We will begin awarding a $1,000.00 Graduate Scholarship for Vietnam Studies in January for the next 3 years. It is our hopes to continue the growth of the Endowment with donations and auctions so that we can provide this amount in perpetuity. At present we are approximately $10,010.50 under what would need to have in the Endowment to insure this.
Remember that your donations to B Troop 2nd 17th Cavalry Association and the Scholarship Endowment are tax deductible.

Calvary Traditions – Spur Ride

The Order of the Spur is a Cavalry tradition. Troopers serving with Cavalry units are inducted into the Order of the Spur after successfully completing a "Spur Ride" or for having served during combat as a member of a Cavalry unit. Combat spurs are gold in color.
Members of B Troop 2nd 17th Cavalry Regiment Association that have been in combat are entitled to receive the Order of the Spur Certificate that is now available from the Association.
There are two ways for you to receive your Order of the Spur
1.      Fulfill duties as an Officer of the Association. After your first year of service to the Association you will receive your Certificate and Spurs at the yearly Spur Ride. (Certificate and Spurs provided by the Association)
2.      Members of the Association that served in combat may purchase their Spur Certificate from the Association for $7.00 and provide their own gold spurs to be presented at the annual Spur ride. Please mail the attached request form and check to David Martin.

Our First Annual Spur Ride will be held at this years Reunion on May 13th and will begin at 18:30. This certificate is way over due for our members and I wish the Association had funds to provide these without charge but that is not possible.

by Bill Crawford

Membership cards, bumper sticker, and certificates (along with a current roster) will be provided for all paid members in this years Reunion Packet. Dues need to be received by April 30th to insure that your card and certificate are available at this years Reunion. We are in need of you to join the Association! Your dues help fund the costs of the Association, which is exempt from taxation under IRC 501 (c) (19). Dues and Contributions to B Troop 2nd / 17th Cavalry Association are tax-deductible.


FOR SALE   $995,000
Only Known Flying AH-1G Cobra with Combat Service in Vietnam

F Troop 15th Cavalry (Yes F Troop was prior to B Packet 2/17 Cavalry) received a UH-1G Cobra Helicopter at Gray Army Airfield in 1968. Aircraft number 67-15737 as one of ten consecutive numbered aircraft for our Cobra Section that would eventually be shipped to Vietnam for us. In Vietnam it was piloted by Captain White and Steve Luibakka was the crewchief.
She still flies today with B Troop markings…get a Blast from the Past and visit her at the following website.

Where to send things:
Dues, Endowment Fund Donations and Reunion Registration Fees (any monies)
Randy Kunkleman
2395 N. Conant Road
Elida, OH 45807
ADDRESS / TELEPHONE / E-MAIL CHANGES / Order of the Spur Certificates
David Martin
3018 Hickory Glen Drive
Orange Park, FL 32065

This is a Special Issue of the Banshee Gazette due to numerous changes in the Reunion activities. If you have information to submit for publication please e-mail it to Dave Martin at

B Troop 2/17 Cavalry Regiment Association
2011 Reunion Registration

May 12-15, 2011 Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

Name: ___________________________________
Address: _________________________________
City: ____________________________________
State: ____________________________________

Zip Code: ____________

E-Mail: __________________________________

Registration Fees

Member                                               $50.00             ____________________
Guest   (s)                    ______ X        $50.00             ____________________

Membership Dues for 2011       $25.00                     ____________________
All Members that are Paid-up prior to the Reunion will receive a Membership Certificate, Membership Card, a B Troop Bumper Sticker and the most current B Troop Roster at the Reunion
Donation to B Troop 2/17 Cav. Assn.                           ____________________
Donation to LaPointe Scholarship Endowment  ____________________
Donation to 2-17 Cav Memorial                               ____________________

Total Enclosed                                                           ____________________

Hotel Information – we are staying at the Best Western Hotel 4101 Ft. Campbell Blvd. Hopkinsville, Ky
$65.00 per night + tax ($72.41 per night)
Reservations can be made at 270-886-9000
Group ID Number CG0512     Contact Person: Cassie Dougherty

Make checks payable to B Troop 2/17 Cav Assn and send Registration and payment to:
Randy Kunkleman
2395 N. Conant Road
Elida, Ohio 45807
If you have any questions Contact Jim Matthews 421-466-3557 or David Martin 904-505-4218

B Troop 2nd 17th Cavalry Regiment Association
101st Airborne Division
Order of the Spur

That Ye All Shall Know

Sample A. Sample

With saber and colt in hand, having displayed those traits associated with all accomplished Cavalry Troopers – Skill, Audacity, Cunning, Dash and Fervor, is hereby entered into the Rolls of the prepared and loyal Order of the Spur and is awarded a pair of Gold Cavalry Spurs which the Trooper will wear from this day forevermore.

For Military Service During

Vietnam War

Ordered this 15th day of May, 2011 by
B Troop Gold Seal to be Attached                         ________________________________
                 Gold Ribbon from seal                                           B Troop 2/17 Cavalry Regiment Association
US Cavalry, Commanding


Please prepare a Combat Order of the Spur Certificate for me to be presented at this years Reunion. I am enclosing a copy of my DD-214 for the Association Records indicating my service in a combat area with B Troop 2nd 17th Cavalry Regiment.

Name as you wish it to be printed on Certificate_________________________________
Email _____________________________________
Telephone # ________________________________

Please mail this form with your check for $7.00 made payable to B Troop 2/17 Cav Assn. To:
David Martin
3018 Hickory Glen Drive
Orange Park, Florida 32065

Certificate is printed on Copper Parchment paper and has a Gold Ribbon & Seal on the left side.

PLEASE be aware you are responsible for supplying your own Gold Spurs.

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