Monday, June 13, 2011

Goshawk among the Eagles

Goshawk among the Eagles
By Dan Apple
14 May, Ft. Campbell KY

I walked among Screaming Eagles today
I am but a goshawk here among the fray
But I walked and talked to heroes
Who have little of themselves to say

These tested men with long set eyes
Are the ones who bore the fight
They flew and fought and fixed and cried
They came here looking for their brotherhood

I walked among Screaming Eagles today
Among those whose deeds led my way
I carry forward their tradition of heroes
And honor their sacrifice every day

I'll learn to be a quiet man with long set eyes
And in their name go looking for a fight
I'll fly too low, or long, and cover men at the left and right
But until I've earned my honor, I've nothing more to say

I wrote this for you guys on a napkin at the reunion. Pop thought you might like to read it. Thank you B Troopers, for inviting me to walk among you!

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