Thursday, September 8, 2011

In memory of Gary W. King

Melissa Snarr(daughter of Gary W. King)

My father served in vietnam B troop 17th calvary 101st airborne 1970-1971, he would never talk about it with his family. He died this June 2011 due to an agressive cancer, I found his discharge papers and more, a picture of him in front of hooches. Love the website, and I am sharing this with his grandsons. thanks for the site

Gary W. King 1970
Here is a photo I found of him, it would be neat if someone knew him, we would love to hear about it.

I would love it if your were able to post pictures of my father, my son loves learning about his papa and also the Vietnam war, we were very close and hunted big game every year. My father collected guns, and he taught me how to shoot and most important the safety. I was so excited to find your website, I loved reading all stories and looking at all the pictures, I am sure I have looked at them 5 times now, I probably have them memorized. Thank you for all that you have done, and especially serving the way you did.



  1. I would like to let Melissa Snarr (daughter of Gary King) know that I served with him that same time period in Vietnam. He truly was a good troop and great personality as well.
    Bill Gorenflo e-mail

  2. Melissa, Your Dad is standing in front of the hooch I lived in and was probably from the maintenance platoon like I was, he looks familiar. My name is (Spec4) Hugh O'Handley approximately Aug 71 - Jan 72. You, your Son or anybody from that time please feel free to contact me at